Bright Ideas For
Your Retail Design



Visually stunning tension graphic prints in addition to our next generation LED lighting systems can transform your retail space.

Create an atmosphere that engages and excites your customers. Lightboxes can be added to any retail environment to increase traffic to key areas and generate overall sales.

Lightboxes are an effective way to accent furniture galleries, retail storefronts, product displays, along concourses and guest relation areas. Build lightboxes into freestanding partitions and product display units, or use them as full and half wall treatments to create unique brand environments. Whatever your application needs, there are multiple solutions to fit your overall store environment.

Not sure which lightbox is right for your retail design?

The Light Box guide will help you determine which lightbox solution is best for your retail design. It also contains an overview of our full range of lightboxes and frames, LED components, tension fabrics and application examples.

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